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Each one of us has a special destiny.   
Sometimes that destiny is just beyond the horizon of our imagination.

Millie the Monarch was a little caterpillar searching for adventure. 
But where would she find it? 

She wanted desperately to get her feet off the ground,
but this seemed like an impossible task. 

Then one day from an unexpected place, Millie discovered her destiny.  And it was beyond her wildest dreams!  

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Millie the Monarch Copyright 2020 Alison Shepard
‎ISBN: 979-8668888757 Independently published 
Written and Illustrated by Alison Shepard
Book Design Layout by Bethany Falter
Printed by Kindle Direct Publishing 34 Pages, 617 words

Suggested ages 8 and under

Join Millie on her amazing journey of change far above what she thought was possible. 

Filled with beautiful illustrations, and poetic rhyming that feels like a song, Millie the Monarch will inspire children of all ages!

Book Signings

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