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Mondays with Millie: Meet Boris, Millie's industrious friend!

Boris is an Eastern Hercules Beetle. The Hercules Beetle gets its namesake from the Greek Hero, Hercules, who was known for his strength.

Sometimes the Eastern Hercules Beetle is called the Rhinoceros or even the Unicorn Beetle because the males have large horns.

They use these horns to compete with other males for the prize of the female beetles.

Often, whoever flips the other beetle over first wins. Sounds like a crazy springboard wrestling move to me!

These beetles are the largest type of beetle in North America, growing up to nearly three inches, quite gigantic! But even though the Hercules Beetle might look intimidating because of its size and the big horns on the males, they are harmless to people. So if you're ever lucky enough to find one, enjoy the marvel of this colossal creature of the bug kingdom!

Boris is a very industrious and hard-working beetle, always on the look out for sap from the increasingly rare ash tree, one of his favorite foods! He also likes to eat rotten fruit--YUCK!

I guess somebody has to do it! Thanks, Boris!

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