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  • Alison Shepard

Mondays with Millie: Millie's Amazing Transformation

The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly is a miraculous one. It's also a wonderful metaphor to contemplate for when we are facing some of life's big changes and challenges.

Quite often when we experience a big change, it means there's something we need to let go of in order for that change to come to pass. Out with the old and in with the new is a popular saying for a reason. Out with the old often means that something has to die in order to make room for the new thing that's next in the process of development.

This is what happens to the Monarch caterpillar. Part of what it was has to die. In fact, its body actually splits open! What a brave little creature!

Then it transforms into a chrysalis and an enzyme is released that dissolves its body. Yikes!

In other words, the stuff that made the caterpillar a caterpillar has to die so it can transform.

What is amazing is that there are these very special cells called imaginal discs that have the information of the butterfly in them. I love that these cells have the word 'imagine' within in their description! It speaks to God's imagination as well as our own . . . they are aptly named cells that have the potential for something new to be created from them.

These imaginal discs then begin to transform into building the butterfly parts inside the safety of the chrysalis. Then after about two weeks, the caterpillar is completely transformed into a new creation!

The metamorphosis of a butterfly is truly awe-inspiring. Part of why I wrote Millie is to give encouragement to both children and adults when facing some of life's big changes. Change can be scary, but sometimes right around the corner of change lies the hope of new adventures.

If you and your little one would like to do something fun to meditate on the amazing journey of the Monarch, join me either November 1st or 13th 11am-1230pm for Story Time Art. I will be reading Millie and doing a Q & A session and signing books. And I will teach you and your children how to make your very own butterfly book! We will have a good time!

Email to reserve your spot!

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