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Mondays with Millie: Meet Millie's Mentor!

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Sometimes it's difficult for us to see our hidden potential. That was definitely the case for Millie. She had these secret longings inside of her and had no idea how any of them would ever come to pass.

At first, Millie's friend, Diego the dragonfly, seemed to show concern and compassion. But when Millie expressed her frustrations over her situation, Diego was too distracted to really be there for her and he flew away.

Then, when Millie felt all alone, all of a sudden, she encountered a beautiful butterfly! The butterfly was singing, and Millie recognized joy, contentment and love in the sound. So she mustered up the courage to ask the butterfly for advice. This courageous choice marked a great shift in Millie's story.

Sometimes when we feel stuck, we tend to retreat and not ask for help. But it was because Millie asked for advice, that she received the encouragement she needed to be able to imagine a bigger destiny for her life!

Do you feel stuck? Look around you. Is there someone in your life, a loving person who seems to have joy and be content? Instead of staying stuck and retreating into isolation, reach out to that person and ask them for advice. Ask them about the source of their joy. And in that process of being vulnerable you just might meet a new friend, or take a current friendship to a deeper level.

Or maybe you already have great fulfillment and joy in your life. Is there someone around you who needs to be encouraged? It can be a powerful thing to notice something unique and good about someone and call that positive quality out. That is one of my favorite things to do when I'm teaching art. Each person has a unique way of seeing the world and I love seeing how that unique perspective comes through when my students are making art! It is such a joyful thing to see the manifestation of their vision come to life and help them to see what makes that vision special. Often, they have a hard time seeing it themselves, but to others it is clear. It's so helpful to have another person tell you what they see that makes you and what you do unique and special. We all need one another in order to really be able to see who we are.

If you or your little one is looking to discover your unique artistic gifts and vision, check out some of the classes I'm offering at ETB Music and Fine Arts Center. From Story Time Art for little ones, to Animal Drawing for kids and teens, to Landscape Essentials for adults, there are several option to choose from to explore your hidden talents. I'm also offering Painting Parties for children, teens and adults. Find out more HERE! If you'd like to take the next step and are looking for an art mentor, contact to learn more about art offerings!

I would love to encourage you and help you discover your hidden talents!

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